Our Story

Kyron and Co is inspired by our littlest love and curated by our biggest. A collection tied together with the essentials I loved as a first time mum, and continue to love as my little man grows. 

Born prematurely, Kyron was born diagnosed with a uncommon neonatal kidney disease called Neonatal Renal Vein Thrombosis. If being pregnant during a pandemic wasn’t scary enough, giving birth to a little human that required the country's best renal care was most probably the most confronting and scariest thing I have ever had to endure. No parent should ever have to go through that pain and uncertainty, not to mention the heartache of seeing your new little human very unwell.
The unconventional day to day routine of new parents tag teaming in and out of the NICU to be by our baby’s side was extremely hard. As a new mum, seeing all of the babies that needed special care just like our little man really put into perspective how lucky we are to have such an amazing health care system here in Australia. So many little humans needing the best care possible to ensure that they had the best start possible to life. 

Fast track to today, Kyron is now thriving and he has been the final addition to our family. His older brother Peirce is absolutely besotted by Kyron and they are without a doubt the best of friends, a bond that is truly heartwarming and something that is like no other.
Having this experience is what has inspired me to create Kyron and Co Collective  so I can watch our baby grow up and never miss a thing because quite frankly, we almost missed it all. This creation was made so that not only I can spend more time with both of our amazing children, but build something as a family that I am extremely proud of that is very close to our hearts.
Kyron and Co Collective is proud that we can give back to those who helped us navigate through an extremely tough time by donating 5% of every sale to Miracle Babies Foundation. 
Thank you for helping us raise awareness and supporting my dream.